Modern and sophisticated kitchen design by The Wills Company

The Wills Company is a design/build, remodeling and handyman company from Nashville, TN. They are very passionate about their projects and this brings them success and satisfaction because, after all, you always work with pleasure when it’s something that you like rather than something you do out of obligation.

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This is a project that they’ve worked at together with Robin Patton of Patton Interiors. The project included designing a kitchen. It has to be modern and inviting in the same time. As you can clearly see from the pictures, they’ve definitely succeeded in giving the client what he wanted. It’s a modern farmhouse-style kitchen with a very chic and pleasant interior décor.

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The room is actually a kitchen and dining room. The wooden table is very beautiful and so are the chairs and the bench surrounding it. Moreover, the turquoise sectional is extremely beautiful. Evidently, the kitchen/dining room is very spacious so they had plenty of liberty and flexibility when designing it.

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Still, I’m sure they would have done an equally good job with a smaller space as well. This clearly shows their passion and dedication they put in everything they do. This particular kitchen is a modern creation, the type of kitchen where people also gather to chat and spend time together, this way taking away something that originally belonged to the living room. {found on houseofturuoise}