Modern and Contemporary Black Home by A-cero

Now this definitely is something new and interesting from A-cero. When you see this estate for the first time you will be amazed. The architecture design used in the building of this house is completely new – first the house is made in a factory then it is transported to the location. The good news here is that even the interior can be put in the factory which basically means all you have to do is to sit and wait. Simplicity and the black color is what makes this house so attractive and interesting. The green grass in front of the house is used in order to contrast with the dark color of the house. In spite of the black exterior color, there are many bright objects that can be purchased for your interior.

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Modern and Contemporary Black Home8

And, if you take a look at the pictures you will certainly realize just how well these colourful circle on the wall appear on the black background of the house walls. Of course, this is when you see them from the outside in the night, but during the day they can be equally effective.