Modern and colorful outdoor lamps by Bysteel

Bysteel has recently introduced on the market two very beautiful outdoor lighting fixtures. Just in time for the summer season, these unique and modern lamps come to light up the atmosphere in your garden or terrace. If you’re lucky enough to have a nice outdoor space just for you, then you’re probably used to spend a lot of time in there, especially in the evening, when the sun slowly goes to sleep and it’s quiet and relaxing outside.

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These lamps will complete the image. The Idaa hanging lamp has a very beautiful design, inspired by nature but with a modern touch. It has a relatively round shape, with some geometrical details but still having a simple and elegant look. This particular design comes in various color combinations, for a contrastive look.

The second design presented here is called the Clover light. This one has a more romantic look, with soft lines and a more sophisticated look. This one would particularly look great above a dining space. Its clever design allows it to be used as a floor, table or suspended lamp, so it’s a very versatile fixture.These are two very interesting and beautiful lamp designs for relaxing outdoors. The nice thing about them is that even during daytime, even if they are not turned on, because their bright and vibrant color create a very beautiful contrast with the rest of the décor.