Modern and colorful interior design

The key to a beautiful and inviting interior décor is to establish your priorities and then to let your heart guide you. Of course, you’ll also need some talent but you can also always ask someone to help with that. This is the interior of a very lovely home. It’s colorful and fun and the overall look is modern, with some vintage touches.

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While taking a look at the living room, it would be impossible not to notice that beautiful coffee table. It’s a butterfly coffee table called like that because of its shape. It’s very simple but it’s also very tasteful and it’s easy to match with anything else. There are a lot of colors in that living room but they’re not overwhelming. This makes that room cozy and inviting and actually very friendly.

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The rug has a vintage look and it contributes to the whole inviting atmosphere, although other designs would have been as good as this one. It’s nice how everything is balanced in there.

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The colors are beautifully complementing each other, the decorations are spread throughout the room, the plants add some freshness while the large windows provide natural sunlight and make everything bright and beautiful. This is the type of décor that would make anyone feel comfortable and welcomed and it’s only a concept. You can recreate the same feeling using completely different items and materials.{found on oldbrandnewblog}