Modern and artistic bar stools by Ibebi

In a bar, the stools and pretty important. You might not think that now, but it’s true. And if you care about the costumers, you’ll want to please them in any way you can. So when it comes to choosing the stools, it’s a pretty important decision.

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The Italian designer Ibebi anticipated that and has come up with this ultra modern design for bar stools. They are brightly colored and the shapes and very unusual and elegant in the same time. They were made using rotational – molded polyethylene and chromed stainless steel for the footrest, the column and the base. They have both color and shine.

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The contemporary look makes them appropriate for modern bars but if you really like them you can also include them in your home. You can combine colors and even styles to obtain a nice look. Don’t be shy, they’re friendly.