Mockingbird Lane – an Expensive Residence

Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty is the undisputed leader in North Scotsdale real estate, a promoter of integrity and professionalism. The innovative skills, programs and technologies are the characteristics that create the finest real estate service company, which always succeeds to promote places with a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere, with artistic blending of proven traditions and unsurpassed state-of-art innovation.

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Many people cannot imagine that such places exist, but financial stability and power reveals them. No matter from what angle you are looking at Mockingbird Lane, located in Paradise Valley, in a unique geography, climate and appeal, you get the same impression, that it presents a lifestyle, a sophisticated living that only a certain category of people benefit. This place has everything someone could think of, from a wonderful environment to a fairy tale residence.

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The owners obviously have a cult for cars if  you look at the vintage cars and the latest generation cars in the largest and brightest garage with black and white images of cars on the walls. Each room is an open-space with marble floors, columns, arches, glittering chandeliers and all kinds of models that define a luxurious atmosphere.

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The statues depicting animals, the paintings on the wall, all sorts of decorative objects and the curtains highlight the classical air the pieces of furniture provide. You have that unmistakable feeling of finding yourself in another period, of traveling in time and belonging to another era, full of meanings. It is definitely a place for the elite, luxurious and shiny created de la crème esign and architecture.Listed for 18mil$.