Mobile Fireplace In The Form Of A Trash Can

Mobile fireplaces are well known for their versatility and practical attributes. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes but few are as interesting as this one. That’s because the Spazzacamino fireplace looks very similar to a trash can. It was actually inspired by one.

Maisonfire fireplace spazzacamino 1

There’s no doubt that this fireplace is an eye-catching accessory. The fireplace is offered by Maison Fire, an Italian company specialized in bio-fireplaces and it was designed by Mirko Varischi, Tania Alessio and Andrea Bremer.

Although the fireplace looks like a trash can, it’s not nearly as dirty as one. In a way, this is a contrasting detail. The cleanliness of this piece contradicts its design but, when you think about it, who would want a dirt fireplace in their home anyway?

Maisonfire fireplace spazzacamino 1

The fireplace even has a lid which can be used to extinguish the flame. It’s definitely a well-through design with a quirky and modern twist, the type of focal point a casual home needs.