Mobile Dining By Nabuhiro Teshima

Space is now becoming one of the common problems in every household especially for those who are living in small spaces in the city. The Japanese designer Nobuhiro Teshima imagined the table without a chair, preferring the Japanese tradition to eat sitting on the ground.

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That is why the table legs are very small in dimensions, as they do not have to be taller if they won’t need to let a chair behind the table. Any way, the Mobile table is amazing because it is folded and stays inside the lower shelf of a small cabinet, being stored there safely in a very small space until you need it. If you have many friends coming to visit some time or just a family reunion for the holidays, then it’s time to show it off and take it out from its storing place.

Mobile dining3

Just pull the front part and a kind of spring will help you pull the whole table out. It’s very easy to install and it offers enough space for the whole family. When you have finished, just push it back in and it will fold in. Perfect for small apartments.