Mobile coffee table

The BoConcept design team has come up with an ingenious idea for a coffee table design. They have created a mobile coffee table, one that has wheels and can be moved around the house with minimal effort. Wheels are a very good idea when it comes to furniture. Usually there are sofas or maybe entertainment centers that come with small wheels because they are so heavy and hard to move. In the case of the coffee table, it’s not about the size or the weight, it’s more about the design and the utility.

Mobile coffe table

It’s not a common thing to have a mobile coffee table, but once you see this design you start to think that it might not be such a bad idea. It’s always nice to make things easier, especially when it comes to physical effort. So it’s a lot easier to move the coffee table around the house when it has wheels. And not only that it is more practical and functional, but it also has a pleasant design.

The dimensions of this coffee table are H11¼xW55¼xD31½. It has a white top with a white lacquered finish and black wheels. The color contrast is elegant and simple and the image is beautiful. It’s a coffee table that would look very nice in a modern home or in a contemporary décor. It has a very simple design without any additional decorations.Available for 649$.