Mobile cabinet by Morten Georgsen

Usually the dining room is either part of the kitchen or of the living room. Occasionally it may be a separate room but in that case it’s designed for large family reunions or holiday dinners. But regardless of the size or placement of the dining room, there are some basic features that need to be incorporated in that particular area. One of them is a storage unit.This is a very functional and practical unit that was designed specifically for dining rooms. The unit was designed by Morten Georgsen and it’s a very nice addition for any type of dining room.

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It features a compact design and it can be easily fit even in small rooms. This piece of furniture is in fact a mobile cabinet. It has wheels that allow the user to easily move it around and change its place according to his needs.

The mobile cabinet also features several functional drawers that are perfect for storing supplies for the dining room such as plates, glasses and other items. It has a lacquered finish and a simple but stylish design. It’s also a very versatile unit. Like most of the furniture manufactured and designed by the BoConcept team, it’s mainly made from chipboard. Also, the veneers have a lacquer coating for a smoother and longer-lasting finish. The lacquers used are primarily water-based to ensure as little impact on the environment as possible.

This particular piece of furniture manages to combine style with functionality in a unique design. The overall dimensions of this practical mobile cabinet are H42¼xW41¼xD19½/27¾”. You can purchase it for the price of $1,995.