Moana Beach House by Fuse Architecture

There are many houses which reveal the personal lifestyle of the owners, of the families. It is also the case with Moana by Fuse Architecture, a distinctive house located somewhere near the beach of Santa Cruz, California, U.S.A. This building definitely provides a specatacular view. The general aspect of the house is that of a perfect house for an active family, a surf fan family.

4 bedroom beach home

The outdoor shower area testifies this fact and  what can be more pleasant after a long day of family surfing than a relaxing shower outdoor and spending the rest of the day in a family atmosphere? There is one aspect which adds a certain touch to the entire house and that is the dropped ceiling above the kitchen which is totally original. Both the interiors and the outside part relieve a warm and modern atmosphere; the general conclusion is that this is a very appropriate modern house, just perfect for an active family.

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The style and the form of the house are very intersting and make you want to see the rest of it. It also has a special place for children, with trees and plants around the house “sweetening” the entire space, making it even more attractive. The materials were well chosen and combined in a nice way, the colours, the furniture, everything denotes the same idea of modern things in a modern space which indicates a cosy familiarity.