M&Mme Furniture Collection by Valentin Loellmann

Created by a German designer Valentin Loellmann, the M&Mme Collection includes unique furniture made from old bankirai wood reinforced with a polyester skin. With a gorgeous contrast between natural and the “technical” that sets will catch the attention.

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It’s a strange-looking collection. I’m style sure what style this collection is trying to adopt. The overall design is modern and playful, but the details are traditional. The bench is the most simple piece, although there are those detailed feet with sculpted decorations and forms.  Than there’s the storage cabinet, that has a strange design. But still, it seems very functional and simple. Also, the feet are the exception. There are 6 drawers of different shapes and sizes where you can store different things. The third piece is the most strange-looking one. I’m not even sure what it is. It’s probably another cabinet, with an interesting wooden door.


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The collection seems to combine the old and the new in an original and very creative way. This is what you get when you combine old details with new techniques and ideas. But this is also what makes this collection hard to match with anything else. It wouldn’t look right in a vintage apartment, but not in a modern one either. So it should be placed in a home that shared the same combination of styles, which is hard to get.