Miofocus Wall Mounted Fireplace by Focus

Indoor fireplaces are the latest trend this year, because they are designed for compact houses and they come in many sizes and for each type of house corner. This wall mounted fireplace is designed by Focus, and the name is Miofocus. It is a wood burning fireplace design that offers a traditional ambience with modern flair. This fireplace looks very clean and it’s ideal for a more minimalist living room.

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The best feature about this fireplace is the fact that, because it is mounted on the wall, it can be easily moved around and placed in any area you want. This means that you could have a fireplace in your bedroom, in your kitchen, on your desk or anywhere else you want. Now all there is to do is to sit back and enjoy a nice relaxing time. Forget about all the problems you have, just spend some quality time. Just you and your fireplace.