Minuscule 8 Sqm Apartment Full Of Secrets And Hidden Features

8 square meters (87 square feet) is all the space you get if you decide to stay in this apartment, studio or whatever else you want to call it. The space used to be a “maid room” in Paris, France. They’ve long been considered unattractive, secluded and rudimentary spaces but Kitoko Studio managed to give one such space a whole new look and meaning.


Everything in the apartment is hidden behind cupboards. Floral-painted panels add a chic vibe but also keep the décor light and simple. Since too many things in plain sight can make a space look cluttered and smaller than it actually is, this design strategy is perfect in this case.

Tiny-Apartment-in-Paris-bed nook-jpg

The top left corner of this wall unit hides a single bed. It’s sort of like a sleeping loft nook which can remain hidden most of the time and only revealed when the night comes or when you want to take a nap. Plus, the sliding doors can also close off unwanted daylight if need be.


The lower cupboards in the left corner opens to reveal a staircase. Pull it out and use it to reach the bed nook. The staircase also features built-in storage compartments for books and other things so it has a double function.


The cabinet next to he staircase/bookcase contains the wardrobe. It has a rack for hanging jackets and shirts, a top shelf for folded items and some room at the bottom for shoes. It’s definitely for those with extensive wardrobes so it encourages you to limit yourself to only a few things at a time.


Next to it is more storage for clothes and books.


Moving a bit to the right, we’ll discover a small pull-out table and two stools stored underneath it. Use it as a dining table, breakfast nook, coffee station or as an extra prep space.


Further to the right there’s a shallow storage area with shelves room for electronics and other equipment.


The last door hides the bathroom. It has a shower, toilet and sink with storage underneath. It’s decorated with a gray theme and a large wall-mounted mirror make it feel a bit more spacious.


This compact room also has a small kitchenette. It’s placed in front of the window and includes a sink which can be hidden under a fold-up countertop to maximize the prep space. Two cabinet doors hide extra storage under the counter.


Given how small this space is, it’s amazing that so many functions and features were squeezed in. In a way, the apartment was designed similarly to a Swiss army knife. Although compact, it hides a lot of useful things inside it.