Minnetonka Residence by ALTUS Architecture + Design

Minnetonka Residence by ALTUS Architecture + Design is definitely a place where anyone could spend the rest of the days. Guarded by a gray brick belt, this house is a perfect ensemble of geometrical giant-sized figures.Decorated mostly in white and brown, perfectly designed in the wooden landscape that surrounds it, Minnetonka residence is simply a masterpiece.Spread on about 3700 foot squares, the whole property is surrounded by pines and conifers.

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Therefore, the interiors are mostly decorated with wooden furniture, and the main color in the house respects the wooden colors: brown, dark brown and beige.

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Based on modernism, the whole house appears to be perfect for living as it is fully equipped and furnished. And, as related the accessories, they couldn’t have been non modernistic. Therefore, modern art paintings and accessories – vases and lightning systems especially – are spread all over the house, without having a conflict with the idea of empty space.