Minimalist white attic apartment in Norrmalm

In Norrmalm, a district of Stockholm, lies a beautiful apartment building with lovely homes. The apartments have been carefully restored and renovated and they are now ready to become new homes. There’s a fixed prices for this particular apartment and that is 12.25 million KR. The property was built in 1878 and it has a lot of history. However, the renovations and remodels it went through helped it keep up with the times.The apartments in this building are modern and minimalist. However, they still retain some of the original charm the building has to offer. The apartments still feature the original floors plans and some of the original elements such as the stucco and the double doors. They all have balconies or terraces with beautiful views, as well as freestanding kitchen units and joinery designed to match the architectural features of the building.

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All the apartments feature either partially or fully preserved sanded and oiled tiled floors. They also have large windows and high ceilings.The attic apartment is particularly beautiful. It has an elevator leading right into the apartment. It also benefits from under floor heating. The apartment has two large bathrooms and laundry room, a large kitchen and an open floor plan. The living room is spacious and had large windows and skylights.

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The building also offers a beautiful courtyard with a terrace. It’s large enough o accommodate a dining table and some outdoor furniture.The property was originally built as an apartment building by architect JE Thomas. The main volume was then converted into an office in 1983. The entire building has been renovated o new standards.{found on alexanderwhite}.