Minimalist triple hanging pendants

Minimalist and chic, this triple pendant lamp will look stylish in a variety of decors. Its simplicity gives it versatility and allows it to be included in many types of spaces. For example, it would make a subtle focal point for the living room but it would also look nice in the dining room, above the table. It could also make a beautiful addition to the kitchen, depending on its size, or to the home office or even the bedroom.

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This 3 globe pendant light has a very simple and clean design, with narrow and delicate lines. The combination of materials sued to make it is also well-balanced. The three globes are hanging from a ceiling plate made of solid walnut, with an eco-friendly oil finish. They are attached to the plate by red cords and they add a very subtle pop of color thus creating a balanced contrast.

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The globes are hanging down 24’’ from a 25’’ long base. This makes the pendant light suitable for spaces with high ceilings or with very bright and airy interior designs. The pendant comes with an easy to install ceiling mount kit with drywall anchors. It also features three extra-large clear glass globes that emanate a warm and pleasant light. This is a handcrafted product so each one is unique and has small characteristics that differentiate it from all the other ones.Available for 265$.