5 Inspiring Bathroom Makeovers With DIY Appeal

Giving the bathroom a makeover can be a very refreshing change. It doesn’t have to be a difficult and costly project unless you want it to be. A DIY makeover is a perfectly good and inspiring option. There are many different strategies you can use so let’s have a look at five examples and reveal their unique charm.

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The first makeover features a small but charming bathroom which went from looking plain and gloomy to being stylish and full of character. The color palette changed although white remained the main tone. The new design is a lot more refreshing and the entire room feels more airy and sophisticated while also staying simple. The wood accents add a warm feel to the décor and the soft lines and angles maintain a very pleasant ambiance.{found on designsponge}.

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In some cases the change is a lot more impressive and dramatic. It’s the case of this basement bathroom featured on curbtorefurb. After being neglected for a lot of time, the bathroom reached the point when a makeover became a mandatory project. The change was big and dramatic, involving a lot of things including the color palette, the materials, finishes as well as a lot of small details such as the round wall shelf, the reclaimed wood shelves and the new mirror frame. The ambiance became very relaxed and very inviting.

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Sometimes all a bathroom needs is a few fresh coats of paint on the walls and some new accessories. A good example can be found on mydomaine. Although the bathroom is small, the new look allows it to feel very fresh and chic. The back and white combo is definitely stylish and, although not very different from the initial color palette, very inspiring.

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DIY makeovers can also be done for large bathrooms, although the smaller ones make the project simpler in a lot of ways. In a spacious bathroom, everything tends to be on a larger scale. The bathroom featured on design-milk looks very elegant and that’s mostly because of the palette of colors and materials used throughout. All the wood adds a warmth feel and, combined with the while elements, allows the décor to stay fresh and chic.

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A makeover usually involves a change of look but sometimes it can go deeper. A good example is the transformation featured on Curbly. This is actually a bedroom that was transformed into a bathroom. The room was quite small to begin with and, after the makeover, it became a welcoming bathroom with beautiful mosaic flooring, twin sinks and an elegant chocolate brown vanity.