Minimalist Pivot desk and vanity by Shay Alkalay

There are moments when your living space is limited and you need to do some compromises so that you get in the end the living conditions that you need. A few years ago, I and my husband lived in a small room which had a small bathroom and kitchen. We had to think of all sort of ideas how to take advantage of the space that we had so that everything seemed comfortable. Many of our things were suspended on the walls, climbed somewhere on a wardrobe so that we tried to save as much space as we could to make our walking through the rooms easier and more comfortable.

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Perhaps pieces like these two, a Pivot Desk and Vanity designed by Shay Alkalay would have been perfect for our small living place and would have helped us to save a lot of space. They have a minimalist design and represent new additions to the Pivot line for Arco.The Pivot Desk is an excellent place where you can work and its two special drawers that are hinged together so that they can both be opened at the same time are very practical.

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The Pivot Vanity keeps almost the same features like the Pivot Desk, except the fact that the top has a recessed edge and a mirror can be added.Their slim profile does not seem to cut from their functionality so that both pieces of furniture are great for any activity you want to develop and represent wonderful pieces of furniture for any small space.