Minimalist Nordic interior With Shades Of Grey And Natural Wood

The Nordic style is known for its simplicity and minimalism. Still, there are many variations of this style. This particular apartment, for example, features an interior décor that is visibly minimalist yet it doesn’t feel cold. The décor and the atmosphere are very relaxing, warm and inviting. A key role in this case is played by the choice of materials that have been used for the interior design.

Minimalist nordic style

Notice that the apartment features many wooden accessories and key pieces. For example, the staircase, even though it’s very simple, is also very chic and quite stylish. It impresses with its natural beauty and texture. The coors sued also play an important role in determining the overall décor. The chromatic palette here I composed of shades of grey with white, black and beige insertions. In combination with the beautiful color of the wood features, the result is a very soothing and pleasant décor.

Minimalist nordic style1

Minimalist nordic style2

Minimalist nordic style3

Minimalist nordic style4

Minimalist nordic style5

Minimalist nordic style6

Minimalist nordic style7

Minimalist nordic style8

Minimalist nordic style10

Minimalist nordic style11

Of course, there are other beautiful features that make this place spectacular. The underfloor heating contributes to the overall warm and inviting atmosphere. Moreover, the large windows let in lots of natural light and this allows the decor to be airy and bright. It’s very interesting how the color palette is cold yet the décor is warm and soothing. Also, the minimalism is reflected in the shortage of furniture. This further allows the interior décor to be airy and very simple and this way the room seem soothing, without too many focal points. The accent details are subtle and simple and integrate in the decor perfectly. Th result is a cohesive and harmonious look.{found on Folkhem}.