Minimalist Lounge chair and table

Sometimes a collection isn’t created at once. It takes several years or ideas to complete one and sometimes a model or an item gives birth to a new idea.  Koskinen created for Artek a set of furniture items made to fit any modern and simple space, named Lento. The series contains chairs and a side table. The project started back in 2006 when the designer thought about creating a wooden chair which will have a light weight.

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In time, the collection enriched with a complementary model of a side table. The items come in two colors, in black and white. This allows you to put them almost anywhere without fearing they wouldn’t fit the design or the chromatic theme. The greatest thing about this chair is that it is very light and designed from materials which don’t cost very much. It’s a chair made so that more people can afford it. Besides these items, the collection also disposes of an upholstered version of the lounge chair.

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The design of this chair is simply and stylish. You can use it in any occasion: when you have guests, for chating with friends, when you’re playing some social games, or when you’re just working or studying. It is suitable for any type of room, even for offices or waiting halls. Due to its light weight you can easily change its place from a room to another.