Minimalist Interiors: How To Achieve the Sought-After Look

Your lifestyle and how you choose to decorate your home reflect on how you enjoy living your life. For many, the ability to downsize from having a large abundance of clutter, possessions, and furniture is not only a mindset but also a way of simplifying your life. Minimalist interiors have become more popular in recent years as homeowners are discovering that less is more. The ability to enjoy a home without objects occupying every inch of your space can be liberating and also create a healthier home environment for you and your family. Here are a few ways to bring minimalist interiors into your home.

home interiors pool
Unobstructed views in a minimalist home

Get rid of what you don’t need:

In this day and age of bigger and better gadgets, furnishings and overall ‘stuff’, the ability to stock pile and collect belongings is greater than ever before. Go through your home and decide what is absolutely needed and is enriching your life and what items are just space fillers. Minimalism involves ridding your environment and your lifestyle of extra attachments. Donate clothes, toys, and unneeded items to charities or sell them on classifieds websites or at garage sales. This goes for furniture too. Look around your interiors and considering living with less. Bulky sofas that take up the entire family room visually can make your room look and feel smaller.

home interiors minimalist
Ensure views aren’t obstructed or blocked by heavy window treatments
home interiors windows
Minimalist windows and furnishings

Opt for clean and simple lines:

The appeal of modern and sophisticated interiors is to create uninterrupted views for the eyes. Minimal interruption such as clean horizontal and rectilinear tables, chairs and even minimal views outside of windows will help bring the outdoors and interiors together effortlessly. Window treatments should be kept to a minimum and absence of strong patterns and ornamentation in furniture detailing is a must. If you prefer window treatments consider retractable curtains or privacy curtains that are housed on a motorized track or can be completely drawn away from windows to give your minimalist interiors the optimum amount of light and views.

home interiors materials
Clean and simple lines throughout a minimalist home

Create minimal appeal in your public spaces: 

In your bedroom and bathroom, it may seem easier to get rid of a lot visual obstructions but in your public spaces the challenge may be greater. If your kitchen has a lot of small appliances, store them under your cabinets and free up as much counter space as possible. Remove cluttering items such as magnets, photos, and excessive decorations from your refrigerator door and around your public spaces to look clean, sleek and minimalistic. Clear off coffee and dining room tables and store minimal decor such as a few books or key decor pieces that hold sentimental value. For other items, store them on bookshelves or swap decor throughout the year for a fresh design palette.  However you choose to decorate your public spaces you will love the minimalist approach to your lifestyle and home.

home interiors kitchen minimal
Remove excess and reveal clean and minimal living

Minimalist interiors are for those who are seeking a less cluttered life that is rich with simplification, beautiful furniture and design style. If you have considered creating a minimalistic decor in your home, use these creative ideas and see how liberating it is to have less and gain so much more.

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