Minimalist House by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

At It man-shi, Okinawa in Japan, this building serves as a special court house for a made for each other couple.  Having been built on a 3M grid unit in all XYZ directions, this house has four vertical plates standing as the outer walls.  The roof slab of the house is made up of one horizontal plate.

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An efficient and well-designed arrangement is drafted by inserting a void of 3M x 18M that serves as the courtyard of the house.  Wall-like furniture of dimensions 3.0M (3×1) height, 9.0M (3×3) width, and 18.0M (3×6) length are into the concrete structure space of this building.

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The house is partitioned into two areas by like-wall furniture that distinguishes the space arrangement.  Living room, dining room, and bed room constitutes the first area.  This interior space is linked with the exterior court in a linear layout.  Kitchen, powder room, and study room constitute the remaining space in the building.{ design by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates }.

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