Minimalist glass pendant with an industrial design

Simple and delicate, this pendant is very beautiful and also very versatile. It’s an industrial pendant but it has a chic and simple design. It’s basically just a piece of glass made in the shape of a pendant. It’s very versatile and would look beautiful in just about any space. It’s great for dining rooms, set above the table, in the bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen, home office, library and of course in public spaces as well.

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The pendant can be bought for 78.11 euros. It has a popular design and it can be sued as a single piece or in clusters. The pendant is made of clear glass. It has plated metal hardware with an antique-bronze finish. The overall dimensions of this beautiful pendant lamp are 10.5’’ in diameter and 11’’ in height. It takes a 60W bulb which is not included. Also, for a softer and less striking effect, you can purchase chrome light bulbs similar to the ones shown in the pictures. You can purchase the bulbs for 14.20 euros a piece.

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The chic pendant also has a 15’ cord set. Minimal assembly is required upon delivery. It’s a very beautiful accessory for the home and not only. It’s the simplicity and lack of details and embellishments that makes it so special and appealing. In this case it’s true when you say that less is more.