Minimalist Exterior House With Beautiful Gardens in Surrey Hills

Sometimes appearances can be deceiving and everyone knows it. For example, when you first look at this residence you don’t see much. It’s very simple and not exactly impressive. But what you don’t know is that it hides a spectacular design. The landscaping on this property is just amazing and it really makes everything seem more beautiful.

Surrey hills contemporary house

The house is located in Surrey Hills, Australia. When seen from the street, it looks very simple. It has a minimalistic exterior but, even so, you can still see that great importance has been given to the landscape and vegetation. Everything is perfect. It’s a pleasure to walk on the alley towards the entrance.

Surrey hills contemporary house1

Surrey hills contemporary house2

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. There’s also a wonderful back garden. Well it’s not exactly a garden but, as you can see, there’s vegetation everywhere. The green fence that can be seen near the pool is absolutely wonderful. It provides privacy and it’s also a very nice thing to look at while you’re relaxing.

Surrey hills contemporary house41

Surrey hills contemporary house3

Surrey hills contemporary house5

Surrey hills contemporary house6

Surrey hills contemporary house7

Surrey hills contemporary house8

The outdoor spaces are all positioned in between those greens stripes of vegetation. In addition, the upper level is encased in a green barrier that provides the most beautiful views. As for the interior, all we can say is that it’s as refreshing and beautiful as the exterior. Who would have thought that this residence hides such a spectacular design? The transition between the interior and exterior spaces is seamless and very smooth. This makes everything so harmonious and so pleasant. It’s a perfect example of a dream home.{images by Simon