The minimalist Clip desk lamp

Desk lamps are very useful items. However, they can sometime add unwanted clutter on the desk and contribute to an overall undesired effect. In such cases, minimalist desk lamps can be the perfect solution, both in terms of functionality and style. The Clip lamp is a perfect example for this type of situation.

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With a minimalist design, the Clip lamp impresses with its simplicity and appeal. It’s an extremely versatile desk lamp that would look equally beautiful in any office, bedroom or any other space where it might be needed. Clip has a simple and elegant design. It has been completely striped from unnecessary details. What remained was this modern lamp with an extremely simple look. The main reason for that was the attempt to avoid adding unnecessary clutter to the usual modern desks. We all have all sort objects on out desk and the last thing we need is an overly decorated lamp.

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Since its primarily use is based on function and not looks this design doesn’t really come as a surprise. What’s surprising is how attractive it is. The Clip desk lamp features a bent steel frame that basically forms a loop around the lampshade. This gives the impression that the injection molded shade is floating without any support. The white loop frame and the gray or black shade are nicely complemented by a red fabric flex that creates a bold visual appeal.More details on site.