Minimalist box office multimedia workstation

In the office, functionality is the most important element. The furniture needs to be as simple as possible and as functional and practical as possible so that no space is wasted and the room sic lean and organized. A storage unit is always a great choice for this particular area. And since there are usually a lot of technical instruments on the office, a multimedia workstation is even better.

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This is a minimalist box office multimedia workstation. It has an extremely simple design, with a white finish and lots of storage compartments inside. It’s the perfect unit for things such as the printer, fax machine or other similar items. It also offers you a work area. The top portion of the workstation includes a one-person office desk and several storage compartments. There’s space for two to three 20’’ LCD screens and there are also two storage drawers for laptops and other items.

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The bottom portion of the workstation features three doors with a sliding shelf for an A3 multifunctional printer. There’s also space for the CPU and storage space for cables. The workstation has 2 functional drawers and 6 wheels that make it versatile and easy to move. This Box Office workstation is versatile and easy to integrate in any office. It has a minimalist design and it offers storage space for all your computer equipment and more. It’s a way of keeping everything organized in one place but with style. It’s a unit that can be used both in home offices or in regular working environments.{found on ikeahackers}.