Minimalist Bedrooms For the Modern Stylista

Do you detest clutter and have a severe disdain for the overindulgent designer? Then, it’s safe to say, you probably have a minimalistic vision. Clean lines, contrasting tones and chic accents, these simple rooms may not have an chaotic tones but they still have very fashion-forward energy and detailing. Let’s have a peek at some of our more inspirational of minimalist bedrooms for the modern stylista at heart.



Crisp, clean and white, this bedroom is a true minimalist’s dream space. There’s no clutter or chaos but there’s still a definite modern vibe.



This bedroom combines contemporary feelings with the coziness of rustic charm with such ease. A wooden accent wall and sleek finished make this comfortable and chic.{found on cornerstonearchitectsllp}.



Even with the printed addition, this bedroom has minimalist quality and clean appeal. There’s personality in the detailing but simplicity in overall design.



Even with a more minimal vision, you can keep the seasons in mind while decorating. Simple lines make up this sleek room but the addition of fur rugs and textural accent chairs give warmth and comfort through the winter.


Modern minimalist bedroom painted bricks

Timeless black and white color combinations highlighted by grey tones, everything about this contemporary bedroom screams of classic features. There’s nothing that overcrowds but every stylish necessity is accounted for.



Grey will always be the most fashionable of neutrals. Blacks and whites are crisp and clean but there’s something about adding a grey tone that creates instant relaxation and versatility without any starkness.{found on inhaus}.



The recessive lighting in this bedroom really highlights it’s natural finish. It’s a beautiful compliment to this sleek yet more traditional space.{found on urbanangles}.



Even the most sparse bedrooms can have a whimsical, ethereal quality. A bit of light, airy curtains on the windows add a bout of femininity that’s needed to make this space more comfortable.



With the windows left bare the bed easily becomes the main focus and spotlight of this sharp space. Although it’s quite bare, the blue tone makes it quite inviting.



Mixed materials and textures line this room but it keeps within the lines of a minimalist’s style based on its simplicity and clean feel. The extra bonus is the layered bedding making it still personal and welcoming.{found on wcarchitect}.



The easy addition of a curved, modern chair adds easy fluidity and movement to a stark space. Just because you have a clean vision in mind doesn’t mean you cant’ add some fashion-forward pieces.{found on formaonline}.



This attic-like space is full of minimal quality but also depth and interest. With its mixed material foundation you have an even greater design-worth and natural personality.{found on foundassociates}.



There is so much charm wrapped inside this easy, feminine bedroom. Although classified as a minimalist space, it has a subtle, girlish appeal just by the simple addition of the throw pillows.{found on ras-a}.



The essence of a sweet and warm cottage surrounds this chic space. Soft blues and wispy curtains are two of the main components making it happen.{found on brownlow}.


Modern minimalist bedroom painted bricks

For a bit of a trendy, hipster quality, a bit of brick is all you need. Textural and complimentary, it adds depth, interest and bouts of youthful energy.{found on tiffanyfarhadesign}.


Modern minimalist bedroom painted bricks

You can too get a minimalistic style even if you have a studio apartment or more spacious bedroom. Don’t think you have to stay away from major furniture pieces or certain accents and details.


Modern minimalist bedroom painted bricks

There’s a sophisticated, country-feel to this bedroom that envelopes you, but without becoming too overwhelming. Plush bedspreads, matching lamps and the a gorgeous footstool, this design is a stunner.{found on avenuelifestyle}.


Modern minimalist bedroom painted bricks

This deep charcoal bedroom is full of classic, traditional styles, perfect for a newlywed couple to get cozy in. We love its lighting choices and comfy bedding option as well.{found on hannotteinteriors}.


Modern minimalist bedroom painted bricks

Made for sleeping, this unique and eclectic bedroom has the essentials and also a quirky enough personality to keep your interest. We love colorful woven carpet yet creamy foundation.{found on rikkisnyder}.