Minimalist Apartment Interior Design With A Luxurious Touch

This next apartment we are going to show you is a dream come true for a collector of porcelain figurines. Situated in Moscow, Russia, the minimalist apartment was designed by Nikolashin Alex and Catherine Emelyanova from SL Project.

minimalist apartment SL project

The “House of Pakrovsky Boulevard” residential complex is located in the historical center of Moscow. The elements of the building set a soft, quiet style, whilst the interior is highly contemporary. The designers created an open plan space with generously-sized windows that flood the place with natural light. Moreover, the color palette used is a neutral one and makes this beautiful home look bigger.

minimalist apartment SL project1
minimalist apartment SL project2
minimalist apartment SL project3
Minimalist apartment SL project9
Minimalist apartment SL project9
minimalist apartment SL project4

Although it presents a minimalist approach, as you can see, every detail is important. Such details  are the lighting fixtures that are creatively integrated throughout the entire apartment and the shelves specially designed to house the vast collection of porcelain figurines. What’s more, the designers created a space where they put flowers, not only to give it a fresh look, but also to separate the kitchen area from the rest 0f the house. The bedroom is a simple, sleek place with not a lot of furniture. However, the bed which appeares to be floating is more than enough to surprise us.

minimalist apartment SL project6
Minimalist apartment SL project9
minimalist apartment SL project7
Minimalist apartment SL project9
minimalist apartment SL project8
minimalist apartment SL project9

This gorgeous apartment has everything you could desire: state of the art appliances, comfortable modern furniture and, of course, some unique pieces that will leave you wanting to see more. Not leaving anything to chance, the architects created an elegant and balanced home that doesn’t lack personality.