Diverse TV Stand Designs for Unique Living Rooms

The TV stand or, as it is also called, TV console is one of the key pieces of furniture in any living room. If often serves as a focal point for the room’s décor. The design of the console should integrate well into the room and its overall décor without being too mainstream. It’s important to find the right style or combination of styles you want to use in this sense.

Industrial Pipe and wood TV stand

If a combination of rustic and industrial is what you’re aiming for, check out this TV stand. It’s made of industrial gas pipes and pine wood boards. The design is very simple and the walnut stain gives it a beautiful rustic flair. This piece can be made to order or you can transform it into your own DIY project.

DIY TV Stand Makeover

And speaking of DIY projects, makeovers are often a lot of fun. So if you want to add a TV stand to your living room, consider repurposing an old dresser. You can find a lot of inspiration about this on twotwentyone. If you have a similar dresser, you can give it a fresh coat of paint and remove the top drawers to transform them into open storage compartments.{found on twotwentyone}.

Rescue TV console

With a little bit of skill and some free time you can do wonders. Let’s say you find an abandoned piece of furniture that’s in really bad shape but which still has some potential. Perhaps it looks like the piece featured on Idlehandsawake. After the makeover it looks quite awesome. It became a beautiful TV console with a lot of character and a long history behind it.

minimalist Living room furniture

Of course, not everyone feel attracted to industrial or rustic designs and DIY projects are not fun for all of us so let’s also check out some more modern and minimalist TV stand designs which you can have custom made just for you. If you want your TV to be wall-mounted this design seems to offer you the desired look while also providing some much-needed storage.

Floating Living room Furniture

On the other hand, the TV stand can be wall-mounted at just the right height and this way the TV can comfortably sit on top of it. A beautiful and simple design can also offer a lot of concealed storage. If the console is larger than the TV requires, use the rest of the counter space as a display area.

Choose multifunctional furniture

A different possibility is to choose a flexible and perhaps even multifunctional design. A good example is this combination between a TV console, a wall unit and a shelf desk. All three functions can be found in one simple piece, the TV being hidden behind closed doors when not needed.

Wall mounted TV

In the case of wall-mounted TVs, an interesting idea is to have it placed inside a shallow nook carved inside the wall. Of course, this doesn’t completely eliminate the need for a media unit. Place in beneath the TV nook and use it for storage.

wall unit designed around the TV

Having the wall unit designed around the TV is a good option if you want it to be positioned at the ideal height and angle. You can choose to highlight this whole section with spotlights and the TV console can offer storage while everything else is purely decorative.

Geometric designs for living room

Geometric designs are often associated with modern and contemporary interiors. They’re usually eye-catching without being too complex or sophisticated and they allow all sorts of interesting combos to be created. For example, a TV stand can double as a bookshelf and can even be linked to a fireplace.

Bedroom with TV mounted on the wall

The simplest option of all, however, is to have the TV mounted on the wall and to give up any storage space a TV console might offer. This eliminates a piece of furniture and allows the room to feel more airy and spacious. It’s common for a wall-mounted TV to feature a fireplace directly below it.