Minimal Urban Apartment Stays Open Yet Feels Cozy

The type of minimalism that the architects of used when they developed this project is more likely typical to public spaces or bachelor pads and not as popular in family homes. However, the concept seems to work great in this case. The architecture bureau used their own style which focuses on creating a simple, high quality but also comfortable and warm decor, which was exactly what the clients wanted.


The apartment measures a total of 250 square meters and was designed for a young couple and their future family members. It’s located in Kiev, Ukraine and has a lot of interesting elements which make it unique.


For example, there’s this 6 meter long dining table which might seem as an unusual thing to have unless, of course, you have plenty of space and like to entertain a lot. Also, the table is actually a multifunctional piece of furniture. It also serves as a work and play surface.


And since a table as large as this one couldn’t possibly be complemented by a single pendant lamp, the designers chose to also add an impressive light fixture with an interesting geometric design and lots of industrial flair. Although the interior design seems simple at first, it becomes obvious that it’s in fact quite elaborate. For every rough finish and industrial detail there’s also an element that adds warmth and comfort to the equation, like this accent wall in the dining area personalized with posters and doodles.


The area adjacent to the bedroom may not seem like a very spacious and flexible room. However, appearances aren’t only defining.


The minimalist wall unit is actually an elaborate storage structure with hidden shallow shelves and drawers.


The living area has an even more flexible design, featuring a modular seating unit formed of various sections which can be combined in numerous different ways to create all sorts of configurations, depending on the occasion.


Freedom and simplicity are the two defining characteristics of this project and they’re both best illustrated through the glass partitions. Instead of solid walls, the designers chose to separate the various areas using transparent glass walls and sliding doors.


This option allows the spaces to communicate with the rest of the apartment and the rooms feel more open and spacious. The transition from one area to another also becomes smoother and any differences between them are less contrasting.


The apartment is designed as a whole as opposed to as a series of independent spaces gathered together. This holistic approach makes for a very cohesive look throughout.


The glass partitions don’t interfere with the privacy since the apartment is also equipped with electrical curtains. So there’s no need to maintain an open layout all the time although it’s nice to have this option.