12 Minimal Rustic Bedrooms That Will Call You to Relax

There is a new category of decorating that has slowly crept into our feeds lately. Some would call it rustic. Some would call it minimal. There are even hints of French country. But at the end of the day, we call this interior style Minimal Rustic. It’s a style that’s all about bringing out the beauty in texture and usefulness instead of frivolity and excess. And if there was one room in the home that displays it best, it’s got to be the bedroom. Minimal rustic bedrooms make it impossible to stay uptight and stressed while you’re there. Their soft style basically messages your cares away through your eyes. Take a look at these 12 Minimal Rustic bedrooms that will call you to kick back and relax.

Minimal Wood Floor For Bedroom

If you’re lucky enough to have wood floors in your home, you’re well on your way to a minimal rustic bedroom. Use those floor boards to your advantage and display as much as you can. No one will begrudge you a small fluffy rug to put your feet on first thing in the morning though. (via Tudo Orna)

Natural elements for a rustic bedroom

Some walls in a home can hide stone and brick. A wall in your bedroom might be one of them. Do a little exploring and if you find a hidden gem, let the natural texture out to play. Your bedroom will thank you. (via My Ideal Home)

Exposed beams for a rustic bedroom

Another lucky structure bonus has to do with your ceiling. Some homes have the ability to open up the ceilings and expose the rafters. You might think that too much wood for your bedroom, but I’ll argue that all that wood in all it’s raw glory is just what your minimal rustic bedroom needs. (via Her Paperweight)

Low bed in a rustic decor

A prevailing aspect of these minimal rustic bedrooms is the low bed. They invite you to kick off your shoes and stay awhile, whether you nap or read a book. Plus, they’re great for attic bedrooms that are short on ceiling space. (via A Woman In Science)

White washed attic bedroom

You probably already know that minimal styling means very few color selections. But when you add rustic to it, suddenly you add the ability to use any shade of brown you like, as well as all the warm grays. So choose your bed linens accordingly. (via Elle Decor)

Reclaimed wood bedroom headboard

If you’re already lamenting the fact that you can’t add a stone wall or raw wood open rafters, put aside your fears. Add a headboard that looks like you put it together from barn wood and it will have the same effect. (via Lindsay Marcella)

Rustic sideboard

Decor is sparse in all these bedrooms, even if it is rustic as well as minimal. Choose decor that is something with a purpose. A whicker basket to hold your magazines, a white tray to keep your trinkets, things that double as beautiful and useful. (via Talosanomat)

Minimal rustic decor for bedroom

Thinking that Minimal Rustic may be too minimal for you? Because it’s rustic included, you can go outside the minimal parameters if you want to. You’ll want to look for pieces with natural elements like baskets, clay vases and wood frames.

Bedside lamps for bedroom

The less you have in your Minimal Rustic bedroom, the more effective it will be for your relaxation. Instead of lamps on your nightstand, consider hanging plain bulbs above each side of your bed. The minimal look will be irresistible. (via Avenue)

Cage lighting fixtures

Lots and lots of the Minimal Rustic bedrooms I’ve seen don’t have any window treatments at all. While that is such a clean look, it just isn’t practical for some of us city dwellers. Opt for white or cream curtains that will blend in with the walls but still provide some privacy. (via My Scandinavian Home)

Nightstand to accommodate the nighttime necessities

Clutter is a no no in any kind of minimal bedroom, even if it’s Minimal Rustic. So make sure your chosen nightstand can accommodate all your nighttime necessities and maybe keep a basket underneath for everything else. (via Interiors Yum)

Green leaves in bedroom

No bedroom is finished without a plant. Green leaves just breathe life into your bedroom and make it feel like home. And since you’ve been adding rustic touches into your space already, putting a houseplant on your dresser won’t be improper. (via Coco Lapine Design)