11 Tips to Styling Your Minimal Bedroom

Minimal bedrooms are really a hidden beauty. Not many people go for the style because of it’s blatant simplicity, but there is actually more to them than meets the eye. The perfect minimal bedroom follows a set of rules to achieve a look that’s relaxing and free. It’s very surprising what a lack of stuff can make you feel inside. Follow these 11 tips to make your bedroom the best minimal bedroom it can be.

white bedroom

You’ve seen it in every single one. The showstopper of the minimal bedroom is the walls. The vast majority of them are painted white which is the perfect color for a clean look. But if your bedroom doesn’t have enough light to pull off the white, soft neutrals like gray and tan work just as well. (via Daydreams on Vinyl)

neutral linens

Let’s talk bed linens. While there are so many colors and patterns out there to choose from, minimal bedrooms only require something neutral and basic. That means you can spend your money on the quality of the duvet and not the pattern it comes in. (via Simply Aesthetic)

sheer curtains

Look to the windows. Every single minimal bedroom has one of two styles: bare or sheer. Minimalistic is all about light which means you want to keep your window coverings simple to the nth degree. Or let them go bare for the maximum minimal effect. (via SF Girl By Bay)

interesting lighting

One of the defining characteristics for these basic bedrooms has to be the accent lighting. Get ready to pull out your wallet because minimal bedrooms have creative scones or pendants. So that brass sconce you’ve been thinking about? Get two for your bedroom. (via Coco Lapine Design)

interesting bedside table

While everything else in a minimal bedroom may be as simple as possible, you can use some creativity with your bedside tables. Instead of buying a classic one, go for an antique chair, a rustic crate or even a stack of magazines belted together. It will give you the feel of uniqueness within the style. (via Earnests)

minimal art

Every homeowner is a scavenger for art, but when you’re styling a minimal bedroom, you have to resist the urge to fill the walls. This is the place to trade a gallery wall for a single print or even leave the walls bare if you dare. The simplicity will certainly give your eyes a much deserved rest. (via Coco Lapine Design)

varied textures

It’s interesting how when your focus is on the basics, you discover many different options, even for them. I’m talking about a diversity in your fabrics. When you’re choosing your bedroom basics, try mixing and matching different fabrics for a luxurious feel. Think a chunky knit throw and a sheepskin rug. (via Lovely Life)

minimal rugs

Speaking of rugs, you’ll find that many minimal bedrooms have hardwood floors. I’m not a fan of putting my toes on the cold floor in the morning and I’ll guess neither are you. You’ll be glad to know that minimal bedrooms do have rugs sometimes! Usually flat woven or fur, it either blends with the floor or matches the bed linens. (via Nordic Treats)

wood accents

Wood is such a lovely decorating medium. Even in a minimal bedroom, adding some wood can bring some warmth and color to the room without losing the minimal feel. Whether it’s a headboard like the one above or a wood dresser, the darker piece will pop against your light walls. (via A Cup of Jo)

living plants

I think we can all agree that a pop of green never went amiss. Try hanging a plant in a corner or putting a succulent on your nightstand. Having just a bit of greenery will help the room feel like you live there without adding any clutter. Plus it will help clean your air! (via Front and Main)

color pops

If you love the minimal bedroom style but can’t quite give up all your color, you can make a compromise! Take the basics of a minimal bedroom like white walls, basic windows and varying textures but add a little pop of color to your bed. Or you can choose a print that’s a little brighter than… well, white. (via Creature Comforts)