Miniki – a clever and bold solution for tiny kitchens

In a tiny kitchen there’s not much space for furniture. It’s why we need to get creative on this chapter. It’s important for a kitchen to have enough storage space for all the appliances, tools and supplies needed when preparing the meals. Miniki makes that problem easier with its compact and yet very functional design.Miniki allows you to transform your kitchen into an airy and practical space, like it should be. It gathers multiple functions into one structure and thus allows us to stay away from cramped, unpractical kitchen decors.

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This way we have enough free space for when we simply want to socialize and still have everything we need for preparing a delicious meal when needed. This compact unit is composed of three modules. Two of them have the dimensions of 24″ x 24″ x 24″. They are two compact cubes and, if you prefer it this way, they can also be purchased as a double length module.

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These cubical structures can be used as freestanding pieces or combined. They can also be adapted to house a hidden sink, stovetop, storage space, dishwasher, refrigerator and even an oven. It’s amazing how such a small unit can incorporate so many different functions. When these functions are not needed, the module can be closed. It thus becomes a minimalistic, compact unit with a spacious counter space that can also be used as a breakfast table. Miniki comes in 15 different color combinations.