Mini Hanging Planters

I like flowers and all kinds of plants and I love having them around, even if I do not live in a house with a garden. SO my only choice is to have planters and place them on the balcony of my flat. However, if they are more than ten, they do take a lot of space, even if they are small, so I was forced to find a solution for this problem. This is how I realized i should use hanging planters and these Mini Hanging Planters seem perfect for my purpose and for the baby flowers I have. The most useful feature of these mini planters is the fact that they are hanging, meaning they will stay in the air, hanging from different support spots, so the floor space is totally free.

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These tiny planters are made of white stoneware slabs that are after that painted in five different colours that are beautifully combined to get a nice look. Then they have a nice and black glossy interior, perfect for filling with soil. They are shaped like cubes, measuring about 2.25″ on each side. They hang from the ceiling of from your wall with the help of a white enameled ring with salmon waxed cotton cord.

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These cubes are great for small plants like cacti for example or for plants that need some space below them, as they hang beautifully. The design belongs to Erin Smith and each planter can be purchased for $24.