Mini Giraffe Animal Planter

I love plants and I think they make our homes more beautiful. It’s enough dust and concrete in the city any way, so plants that grow indoors are the only ones reminding us of nature. So I have a lot of plants in my house which I have to move in and out depending on the season. That is why i need some pretty resistant pots that I also want to be funny and nice looking. And because my kids like getting involved in watering the flowers, I thought I would buy a funny animal shaped pot they can take care of. This is the Mini Giraffe Animal Planter.

13140132It is so funny that it looks more like a toy than a planter and I chose it to house a nice and small cactus. This planter is shaped like a giraffe and , believe me, it looks very natural. It is a normal planter (maybe a bit smaller than usual – its maximum capacity being 50 Lbs) with attached legs and neck and even a tail. The giraffe head has long eyelashes and this is hilarious. The neck and the legs move, so it’s really fun watering the plant in this planter. It is made of metal and painted by hand and can be bought now for $26.99.