Mina One Villa in Mykonos-A Gorgeous Private Retreat

Feeling stressed out, with a lot of projects to finish and you don’t know where to start? How about going on a fabulous vacation in Greece, on Mykonos Island? This little island is very popular among tourists for its gorgeous beaches and night life. Everywhere you are you can enjoy superb views of the seas.

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Mina One Villa is one of those places that you will keep in your mind a long time after you got home. Located in the southwest part of the island, it is a beautiful, soothing retreat designed in traditional white Mediterranean style. The atmosphere here is fresh and is dominated by the outdoors, where you can see a pebble covered swimming pool which also includes a built-in jacuzzi.

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The interior features a state of the art kitchen, an open space living are and a guest room with a terrace. The lower level houses three additional bedrooms and all have access to the main terrace where you can relax in the lounge area. The design is mainly white, which creates a clean, airy space. Furthermore the furniture combines modern elements with traditional ones and has the perfect balance between the two.

This villa is an oasis where you can relax and have a great vacation. Pricing wise, it’s going to cost you €1928-€2828 per night.