Mimosa Reversible Bedding – Orange

Since spring is already here and the weather is constantly improving and getting warmer and warmer every day, I thought it would be a good idea to bring spring into our home, too. So I used some simple, but effective decorations that always lift my spirits like natural flower arrangements in little vases and also some colourful bed sheets. I don’t know why but my mood is considerably influenced by the colours around me. If I see only dark shades I frown all of a sudden and feel restless. But if I can see only vivid cheerful colours, I feel like a bird chirping on a tree branch one fine spring morning.

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I found this beautiful orange bedding that is called Mimosa and that is really good for my mood and I thought I should share. It is made of pure 300 thread count cotton and has a young and fun pattern printed on the orange and merry background. A very important and useful feature is the fact that it is reversible, meaning that you can use both sides of the bed sheets and pillow cases without a problem and without seeming out of the ordinary. The design belongs to the guys from Z Gallerie and it is available in more colours and sizes.