Milsol eco luxury diving resort surrounded by the worlds richest reefs

The resort is located in Raja Ampat,Indonesia, far away from any technology. Situated as far as 165 km to the nearest port. In the ‘Milsol eco resort’ you don’t have phone signal, but that will not distract you from the beautiful surroundings. Built on a private island, and all the surrounding islands are uninhabited. This gives the place a wild feel.

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The ‘Milsol eco resort’ offers you the opportunity to spend a luxury diving holiday surrounded by the world’s richest reefs. The eco resort has for the customers nine villas that are constructed on pillars just above the North Lagoon. The place looks like one of unreality, a beautiful paradise location. You can also relax on the hammock reading a book just above the water, and so many things that you can do in this wonderful Indonesian place.

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If you are tired from the noise and the congestion of the city, the ‘Milsol eco resort’ is the perfect place for you. Here you don’t have any noise pollution, light pollution, or crowded places. Just the beautiful surroundings are your only shepherd. Diving is the most extraordinary thing you can do as your hobby. It is beautiful for us how we can study so close the beautiful underwater world. You could say the place is a diving paradise place! A resort that looks like it is cut from the world of the movies.