Milk Crown Jewelry Tray

When I was in high school I saw a very interesting picture in a science magazine: it looked like a crown, but it was white. And the little round drops on top of each ray in the crown looked so perfect and glued there by a master hand. To my surprise I read that this “crown” was actually the enhanced photo of a drop of milk falling into a big bowl full of milk. The photographer used a very powerful camera and succeeded to catch the exact moment of the splash. This photo is the source of inspiration for Masashi Hanayama, the designer of   Milk Crown Jewelry Tray.


It is a jewelry tray that has the exact same design as the photo I told you about. The “crown” shape is very useful because all the spikes in the crown can be used as support for your rings and bracelets and for the other pieces of jewelry. The tray is made of porcelain and it is available in four colours: white, black, silver and gold. Purchase it now for $39.99.