Mikel Irastorza’s San Sebastian private home

It’s once again the time to take a peak at another interior designer’s private home. This time we’re going to San Sebastian, Spain. It’s where interior designer Mikel Irastorza lives. His home is very bright and fresh. He used a mixture of Scandinavian classic furniture and modern lighting fixtures to crate a contrasting but harmonious décor. Some splashes of color here and there bring everything together and break the monotony.

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This beautiful home has crisp white walls throughout decorated with contemporary art pieces and complemented by vintage furniture piece. Overall, this is a very eclectic home. It takes talent to be able to mix so many styles and to make them work together so beautifully. It’s what an interior designer does. Here you can find a traditional dining table mixed with Mid-Century Modern chairs. It goes for the art pieces as well. We can see black and white photographs combines with traditional sculptures and modern, abstract art.

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Even though it’s a very sophisticate home in its essence and it includes very expensive pieces, there’s still a very casual and inviting atmosphere. It’s a luxurious place but in a subtle way. As the designer himself declares, he doesn’t have a particular style. It’s why he likes to combine so many elements and to explore and experiment. He always tries to adapt his designs. He enjoys clean and open spaces, with airy interior but that still feel warm and inviting. It’s exactly how his home is.