Mikazuki – the crescent moon bottle opener

All liquid products (or most of them) are stored in bottles. If the bottle is made of plastic, then it usually has a cap that opens with a twist. But bottles made of glass , especially the ones with fizzy drinks inside, have an air tight metal cap that needs a special tool to be opened with. This tool is called a bottle opener and designers have invented different and funny new looks for them. For example this particular bottle opener is called Mikazuki and it looks like a crescent moon.

The item is designed by Masanori Oji, Oji & Design and manufactured by Futagami in Japan. It is made of brass and it looks very well, all shiny and polished. You can even use it for decorative purposes as it is pretty eye catchy and  the ones who do not  know it is a bottle opener would never guess it. It is cool and modern, nice looking and simple in design. And you can purchase it now for $55.