Mid-Century Modern Hotel in Brussels

Usually, all vintage things are appreciated and looked for, especially nowadays. Vintage Hotel in Brussels is not an exception, in spite of the fact that you would expect many things: clothes, objects to be vintage, but not a hotel. Located on the famous Avenue Louise in Brussels, Vintage Hotel is the expression of mid-century modern designs,  being filled with the finest goodies from that period. Once you enter this hotel, it is impossible not to remark the designer’s sense for details, as it is everywhere around.

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The best example in this respect is represented by the bar shelves. The windows are great, offering an interesting perspective over the surrounding area, giving the impression of a even wider space and letting the light invade the entire space. In a generally black and white background, it is other’s role to animate the place, to bring it to life; these others are the pieces of furniture such as the orange armchairs, blue chairs, but especially the objects that stand for art: the paintings on the walls, the colorful decorative objects.This vintage hotel was designed by famous Michel Penneman.

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It is the kind of hotel in which each room has its own story;  you definitely want to come back, thanks to the warm and cozy atmosphere and the pleasant mood created by the mid-century modern design.