Mid century modern home by Hecker Guthrie

This residence is a mid-century modern home located in Melbourne, Australia. It was decorated by interior designers Hecker Guthrie and it has a very serene and beautiful interior. It’s mostly due to the colors used. The interior is mostly white and this makes it seem not only more spacious and airy but it also makes it a great starting point for a more complex décor.

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The designers decided to use a combination of pastel colors to achieve a chic, relaxing and serene atmosphere. The shades of pastel pink, blue and green create a subtle and smooth transition from white to color. It’s a very refreshing mix, especially in combination with the light wooden floors and furniture. This décor makes this house a great place for relaxation. It’s what anyone would like their home to be like when they finish a hard day of work and just want to relax and enjoy casual moments with their family.

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The house is chic and stylish and it has a bare simplicity that makes it even more charming. The décor is modern but also has a vintage charm, mostly due to the extensive use of materials such as wood and fabric. The choice of materials, textures and colors is perfect for this small home. It’s a balanced combination that follows the same pattern and thus the result is harmonious.