Micron Queen Crystal Collection

Lighting fixtures have been around for centuries and these fixtures are an important part of the home décor, be it now or in the ancient times. Micron has just outed its best ever collection of lighting fixtures dubbed the Queen Crystal collection and this collection is sure going to keep the tradition of beautiful fixtures alive.

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This collection is all about elegant, elaborate illumination, which is the courtesy of its chrome structure with crystal rings. Depending on the hues you prefer, you can choose from clear, red, amber, black and purple. Also, this collection is available in a varied range be it for the ceilings, the walls or even your table top.

Unique lighting fixtures micron queen 1

I know that a lot of people seem to have a passion for crystals and other sparkly stuff, but I really find them not appropriate for anything else than jewelry. I don’t see the point of having a lamp covered in sparkly things, especially pink ones. It look like something little kids would like.

Unique lighting fixtures micron queen 1

I know that they are expensive and precious, but they are also ugly. That’s just my opinion, so don’t get angry. I can’t imagine who would want to have a lamp like this in their home. Actually I can, and it’s not a pretty image. Well, let’s take a look at these features. As you can see they are all very shiny. There are multiple colors available, like pink, yellow or black, and probably white also. I like the shape but I absolutely hate the details. And that’s about all I can say about this lamps.