Mexican Fish Tiles

I only learned how to swim when I was twenty, but that does not mean that I have not always loved water. I love the sea and all its creatures and if I could, I swear I would sleep in a huge fish-bowl. But there’s one thing I can do to show my special connection with water and this is to decorate my home in a marine theme. My bathroom will be all light blue ion the walls and the tiles on the wall and on the floor will be covered in fish patterns. Actually I have already found the perfect tiles for this job – these Mexican Fish Tiles that have a great design and are very colourful, too.

Fish tiles

The light blue background is very similar to the ocean or sea and the different kinds of fish on them make you feel like you are living in a under water world. There are different kinds of fish patterns of different sizes and colours, all of them beautifully designed. You can choose the ones that you like best and then you can purchase the amount that you need to cover the bathroom. And you should know that one piece of beautifully hand crafted tile costs between $5.35 and $10.75.