Metal Mansard Roof Adds Attic Space

Mansard roofs are much trendy in today’s world of roof designing. But the original fact behind this sensational roof design is that they were made to counter the loopholes of the house regulations of old Paris. The elevation of the houses were restricted by city regulation but the size only set out to the cornice line and so the whole extra ‘garret’ area which is modern days first-rate Parisian residence and condo area, passed out the applicable law now it become a trendy roof design.

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The sharply sloping top-floor apartment at suburb of Prague has been converted into an exceptionally modern variation on the typical mansard roof style. Similar to this ancient building, the nature of the construction was altered considerably starting from the lower walls to the higher metal- wrapped and very trendy appearing penthouse space.



The ‘garret’ area was come out into more spacious than before with few slanting walls and considerably allows to natural light and vision to expansive latest rectangular windows. Although it undoubtedly sticks out from its ambiance as a contemporary home addition, but it also fits a rich custom of distinguishing the topmost floor of a residence from the rest part of house.

The internal part of the house is exceptional and remarkable in different ways. Room those are small and used privately are painted with bright and bold colors while rest part of the house have unpolished hardwood floors and walls are made up of recycled wood. Walls also have wooden bookcases incorporated within it. A spherical opening created on the roof of round dining room table to allow skylight directly which is definitely a modernist aspect of solid and annulled.