Merging Masculine & Feminine Decor with Dignity…and Delight

There’s something to be said for the comfort, elegance, and stability of a space that balances masculine with feminine elements. Few of us would be comfortable for extended periods of time in an all-wood-and-leather mancave (even if you are a man!). Likewise, I can’t think of many people who would happily spend their days and nights in a flourishing floral-and-lace doily of a space…and I’m a girl myself. In a nutshell, it’s important for most spaces to incorporate elements of both sides to create a grounded yet un-heavy space. Here are some excellent examples of feminine-masculine balance in home décor:

Large, Airy Bedroom.

Yellow grey black room

A natural, textural rug beneath a faded one, an overall neutral color palette of greys and browns, industrial pendant light, and a substantive wood-grain side table (dresser) all combine to bring a masculine feel to this vaulted ceiling’d bedroom. Fortunately, some feminine touches are incorporated in the form of taffeta drapes, a curvy bed frame and headboard, and small gold touches like the round frames and reading lamp base. Lush green velvet throw pillows are a perfect blend in and of themselves. This is a lovely space, both grounded and serene.

Tucked Away Workspace.

Yellow grey black room

A sienna leather ottoman and wall-mounted antlers bring out a masculine, earthy vibe within this tiny nook of a space. Furniture overall is nothing too fancy, with clean lines and angles immediately apparent (also a masculine feel). Subtle feminine touches here include the topiary’s golden pot, clear candlestick sconces, and creamy draperies. The ultimate masculine-feminine merger in this space, to me, is the ottoman/bench, with its dark curved legs, which kind of blend in at first glance.

Bathroom Retreat.

Yellow grey black room

Striking masculine elements are likely the most noticeable components of this bathroom, including solid black framed mirrors, no-nonsense above-the-sink lighting, and dark vanity. However, it’s not hard to spot the feminine touches…like that elegant chandelier hanging over the soaking tub, reflected in the mirrors. Although the neutral color palette hints toward masculinity, some shiny touches bring in a bit of femininity to the space, such as the brass-and-glass tub side table and flower-holding clear glass vases.

Black-and-White Living Room.

Yellow grey black room

Daybeds aren’t typically a “masculine” element to a room, but when that daybed is made of black leather strapped to a stained wooden frame, I would say it lends itself more toward masculine décor. A glossy black drum pendant and black baby grand piano further the vibe in this space. The darker elements here are balanced by whites, however, in the walls and mouldings and mantel. A feminine settee upholstered in pale linen and an ornate gold-framed mirror above the fireplace help to break up the stark black-and-whites and take the masculine edge off the space overall.

Dark-Walled Living Space.

Yellow grey black room

Here, again, a daybed upholstered in pinstripe greys brings a decidedly masculine feeling to this space. The effect is softened, perhaps, with the daybed’s glamorous brass hardware and canary yellow pieces (e.g., yellow lacquered cabinet and billowing drapes). The slender angled lines of the sofa lamp, side table, table lamp, and flowers help to diffuse some of the the hard edges of the graphic masculine lines.

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