Merge Cup with Saucer

When I wake up in the morning the first thing i do is prepare a steaming cup of nice hot coffee. Only after savouring this drink i can start my day. That is why I am always careful to have a nice coffee cup that will give me pleasure while drinking my coffee, something that i can enjoy, some cup that looks nice and feels nice too. That is why I am a bit sad when my favourite coffee cup is broken by mistake. So I start looking for a new one. So I found this amazing (though expensive) coffee cup that is very original – it’s the Merge Cup.

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The name of this cup comes from the fact that it “merges” two materials that were used for manufacturing it: the nice and delicate porcelain and the harsh natural American walnut wood. The result is amazing and I admit I would have never imagined the two materials used together. The handle to the cup is square shaped and attached permanently with some steel fasteners that won’t let a single drop of liquid leak out. The saucer is entirely made of walnut wood and you can use it as a lid, too. The cup comes in white and black and you can purchase it here for $75.

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