Measuring Jug

Every woman spends some time in the kitchen for her and her family. It does not matter if you are a really good cook or not, you will still be there at least a few times every week. And whether you know the recipes by heart or look them up on the Internet or in the cook book, you will certainly need some tool to help you measure ingredients. It is vital to know the exact quantities in order to get the best result when cooking something, no matter if the recipe is simple or difficult. This Measuring Jug is perfect for any home and any kitchen. It is large enough to measure flour, sugar or other ingredients, but still small enough to store in any kitchen drawer: 16cm H, 10cm D.

It is enameled so it looks nice and when you do not use it for measuring ingredients you can use it as a normal jug and even put it on the dinner table, as it has the perfect capacity for the water you need at table: 1 liter. It has a small handle on the side so that you can grab it easily and pour its contents. The item is made by Austrian Family Riess and you can buy it now for £20.